I am trying to retrieve the default and active card of a Customer. (Also keep in mind that with the coding I have, the customer can always have one card which means if there is a way around it it can help).

Some months ago I used this code segment which was working fine. It seems Stripe made some updates and I can't get it to work now.

current_user.stripe_card_id = customer.active_card.id

The error I get is

undefined method `active_card' for #Stripe::Customer

If you need any more information please let me know.

edit: customer.default_card.id does not work either.

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I used customer.methods to check the methods and found this (default_source):

current_user.stripe_card_id = customer.default_source

Works fine now. Thank you


default card id will available in customer object's "default_source" key

  "id": "cus_GACkqbqFD8RQw4",
  "object": "customer",
  "default_source": <DEFAULT CARD ID HERE> 

read more here : https://stripe.com/docs/api/customers

[EDIT] Additionally, It's worth noting that when you request a list of all the cards belonging to a particular customer, the default card is always at the top of the result. So you could also get the default card by requesting the customers cards and adding a limit of 1.

Information on how to achieve this: https://stripe.com/docs/api/cards/list


PaymentMethods API - 2020 update

If you have switched from old Sources API to the new Payment Methods API then you should know that unlike old Sources there's no default Payment Method for a Customer.

Now, you can attach a Payment Method as default one to a subscription object:

    default_payment_method: 'pm_1F0c9v2eZvKYlo2CJDeTrB4n',

or as a customer.invoice_settings.default_payment_method

    invoice_settings: {default_payment_method: 'pm_1vvc9v2eZvKYlo2CJDeTrB4n'},

Here is the whole Stripe documentation on that

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    Will the customer object's "default_source" key works after following PaymentMethods API - 2020 update. If else then how do I show last four digits of customer's card. And how to accomplish change default card source.
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    Dec 16 '20 at 19:02
customer = Stripe::Customer.retrieve(customer_id_on_stripe)

first_3_cards = customer.sources.all(limit: 3, object: 'card')[:data]

Will return array of cards, if you want to fetch bank_accounts

first_3_bank_accounts = customer.sources.all(limit: 3, object: 'bank_account')[:data]
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