So yesterday my application update for rejected because of Violation of the Ad Policy. I suspect it was that because I added a new function that, when my application loaded for the first time, it created a unique ID for that installation. I then sent that ID out with requests for data to my server, in order to track usage by device. This morning I removed that code, submitted a new update and it was accepted. I would like to track how often my application is being used by device every day, so I was looking at google analytics.

I managed to plumb it in, and it was working, but I need to know a few things first.

  1. Do I need to have an opt out option?
  2. Do I need to have a proper privacy policy?

Has anyone else implmented it into their apps?


For that you have use Google Analytics.

You will get which device people use and also you can differentiate devices , Android versions , countries , regions etc.

It will very helpful for you to identify and strategic analysis of your application.

I would suggest Google Anlaytics is the best option and it will not violate the Google Play store policy.


If you use google analytics to track anonymous stats, it's not necessary a privacy policy (you can add it anyway). Default stats are totally anonymous.

If you start tracking user specific information (and it seems you do), I think you definitively need to include one explaining what you're collecting and what for.


Google analytics is capable of tracking unique visitors without work on your end. Just do the standard page tracking, and unique users will come up under the audience section

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