$ for f in /etc/shell*; do echo $f; done


$ for f in /etc/no_such*; do echo $f; done


How can I reap off wildcard evaluation if no files present?

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There is a specific shell option to enable this behaviour with globs, called nullglob. To enable it, use shopt -s nullglob.

When this option is enabled, a pattern with no matches evaluates to nothing, rather than to itself.

This is non-standard feature provided by bash, so if you're using another shell or are looking for a more widely compatible option you can add a condition to the loop body:

for f in /etc/no_such*; do [ -e "$f" ] && echo "$f"; done

This will only echo if the file exists.

  • Thank you very much, Tom – xoid Jun 26 '15 at 7:34

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