Im using chartjs (bar chart) to display some data. Im trying to dynamically add data to datasets array but its not working.

for example, lets say I have 2 objects in datasets array, and I dynamically creating this object and trying to push him into datasets (from Chrome console) after the page loaded and chart is already up.

var e = {
                fillColor : "#efefef",
                strokeColor : "#efefef",
                highlightFill: "#efefef",
                highlightStroke: "#efefef",
                data : [randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor()]

and then


I also tried to do window.myBar.update() but again nothing happend.

Do you know this issue? Thanks,

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I don't think you can use addData to add a series - it's for adding points / bars to existing series.

However you can insert your new series directly into the chart object. With the chart object and new dataset like so

var ctx = document.getElementById("chart").getContext("2d");
var myBarChart = new Chart(ctx).Bar(data);

var myNewDataset = {
    label: "My Second dataset",
    fillColor: "rgba(187,205,151,0.5)",
    strokeColor: "rgba(187,205,151,0.8)",
    highlightFill: "rgba(187,205,151,0.75)",
    highlightStroke: "rgba(187,205,151,1)",
    data: [48, 40, 19, 86, 27, 90, 28]

the code to insert a new dataset would be

var bars = []
myNewDataset.data.forEach(function (value, i) {
    bars.push(new myBarChart.BarClass({
        value: value,
        label: myBarChart.datasets[0].bars[i].label,
        x: myBarChart.scale.calculateBarX(myBarChart.datasets.length + 1, myBarChart.datasets.length, i),
        y: myBarChart.scale.endPoint,
        width: myBarChart.scale.calculateBarWidth(myBarChart.datasets.length + 1),
        base: myBarChart.scale.endPoint,
        strokeColor: myNewDataset.strokeColor,
        fillColor: myNewDataset.fillColor

    bars: bars


Fiddle - http://jsfiddle.net/pvak6rkx/ (inserts the new dataset after 3 seconds)

  • 1
    tnx! its working. Can I remove data in a similar way?
    – NextGen123
    Jun 28, 2015 at 11:34
  • 1
    Yep, I just tried a myBarChart.datasets.pop(); and it worked Jun 28, 2015 at 11:41
  • Youre the best. and if I wanna remove spesific dataset?
    – NextGen123
    Jun 28, 2015 at 12:27
  • 1
    just use Array.splice to kick out the dataset you don't want Jun 28, 2015 at 12:30

In version 2.x, you can add (or remove) data to the chart directly and then call update(), e.g.

  label: 'label2',
  backgroundColor: '#ff0000',
  data: [1,2,3]

Here's a jsfiddle example.


Your missing the data key from your chart instance i.e. barChartData.data.datasets.push(e);
No need for any methods. The js chart object data.datasets key accepts an array of objects. Therefore in your case use :

var e = {
         fillColor : "#efefef",
         strokeColor : "#efefef",
         highlightFill: "#efefef",
         highlightStroke: "#efefef",
         data : [randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor(),randomScalingFactor()]
barChartData.data.datasets[] = e; // this will append additional data to your chart

Just make sure that barChartData is an instance of your js chart.


In 3th version you need to use update with reset mode.

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