I need some help with a regular expression for .NET, I have an input field for a telephone number.

I use a regex to format the value (050 33 11 00) to this format:


But when I insert following value 09 323 23 56 I want to get following result:


I've been looking at lookahead but can't find a working solution.

I'm using the folowing regex: (\x2B{1}3{1}2{1}\x28{1}\d{1}\x29{1}\d{2}\/\d{2}\.\d{2}\.\d{2}) which works for the first value.

The regex is placed on a textbox as editMask, so i would like instant live sanitizing.

textEdit.Mask.EditMask = editMask;

You can use the following replacement:


This regex will match full "words" starting with 0, followed by 1 or 2 digits, then whitespace, 2 or 3 digits, whitespace, 2 digits and again whitespace and 2 digits.

Replace with +32(0)$1/$2.$3.$4

See demo.

  • This isn't the solution i'm looking for, i want to create a regular expression that can be used as a mask for a textbox. – Exon02 Jun 26 '15 at 13:20
  • In order to get appropriate and prompt help, please clarify what you want. Currently, my answer is perfectly fitting the textbox validation on Leave (or whatever it is called when an element loses focus) event. If you mean live sanitizing, that is something different. Please be specific and update your question. I suggest posting the code for better understanding. – Wiktor Stribiżew Jun 26 '15 at 13:40

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