How to pause the script until a key is pressed in VBScript? I need something that would pause the flow of the program and wait until 'left_arrow' key is pressed.


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You don't have a lot of choices. If you have a console script, and I'm assuming you do, you can read input from the user but it only registers when you press [ENTER]. So you could pause until the enter key is pressed. For example:

WScript.Echo "Press [ENTER] to continue..."

' Read dummy input. This call will not return until [ENTER] is pressed.

WScript.Echo "Done."

There's also the old pause command from DOS days. However, shelling a new console window to run pause would cause a second window to appear. You'd need to press a key in that window to return to your script. Probably not what you want.

But apart from third-parties, VBScript has no methods to read keypresses at run-time.

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