until now we have been using Play 2.3.9 and we are now migrating to Play 2.4.1 When I use the old version of Play saving an Entity works but with the new verion the Id is not generated. I setup a new project from scratch and tried it to realize it works and the auto generated database has an Id field that auto increments while the old project has a database that uses sequences. I have been trying to configure play/ebean to use sequences but have not been succesfull thus far.

I took a look here http://www.avaje.org/topic-97.html and gave it a try but its still not working. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My config looks like this:


I also tried with


I put the lines directly in application.conf I also fooled around with the ServerConfigStartup way of configuring ebean but no luck.


Anyways, I got it to work, if anyone has the same problem the following fixes it:

public class MyServerConfigStartup implements ServerConfigStartup {
public void onStart(ServerConfig serverConfig) {
    PostgresPlatform postgresPlatform = new PostgresPlatform();
    DbIdentity dbIdentity = postgresPlatform.getDbIdentity();


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    Reference of github.com/ebean-orm/avaje-ebeanorm/issues/97 With Ebean version 4.0.5 on Postgres SERIAL became the default ID mechanism. Your solution above is good - alternatively you could use the older "platform" by: ebean.databasePlatformName=postgres8 – Rob Bygrave Jun 27 '15 at 0:55

Expanding Rob's comment into a real answer:

Putting ebean.databasePlatformName=postgres8

in conf/ebean.properties will force the Play 2.3 default of using a PostgreSQL Sequence to generate IDs.

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