I have the following descriptions for some Maven entries in Project Structure:

enter image description here

Javadoc file is really absent in filesystem. Simultaneously, it is present in central repository. Why it was not downloaded and how to download it by force?


These options are ON already:

enter image description here

Have tried to recompile, close/open etc after setting them...


Click on the "maven projects" (make sure tool buttons are on) on the right side of intelij and then click on "Download Documentation".

Also, for future downloading you can go to the File -> Settings -> Build,execution, deployment, -> build tools -> Maven -> importing -> mark "Documentation" checkbox and apply settings

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  • Sorry, what is "right side of intelij"? I have small toolbar at the top right with few buttons there, including "make project", "run", "debug", etc, but no any says anything about documentation... – Dims Jun 26 '15 at 13:55

Maven Projects panel

Maven Projects tool window > Icon with green arrow and a box > Download Documentation:

enter image description here

See IntelliJ IDEA documentation for Version 14.1 or current version.

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    Does this ever work, I have tried it multiple times, it just executes and when it finishes, I still can't see the java docs when I open a dependency source file, even jdk classes such as LocalTime and the rest just source code, no javadocs – samuel owino Jan 10 at 23:50
  • IntelliJ 2019.3.1 – samuel owino Jan 10 at 23:50

For me, it worked when I pressed on Download Source and Documentation.

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By the way, if you experience same case with me (working with corporate Maven repository), Maven may be ignoring an opportunity to further download javadoc if it once wasn't there. And to make it request it one more time, you have to remove <artifactId>-<version>-javadoc.jar.lastUpdated file from .m2/repository/<groupId>/<artifactId>/<version>, then try again.

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