I am testing my MVC Web App.

It uses SignalR.

I am running it under my local IIS

To test my web client I navigate to my page in a Chrome browser and open the same web page in different tabs.

The max number I can open is 2 tabs.

If I now close one of these tabs and open the same page on a different PC it will not open. I am using safari browser on this other PC.

If will connect if I close the other browser down on my 1st PC.

Yet, if I run the same code on my hosted server I can have many may client connections.

Is the a limit to the amount of client connections I can have running under my local IIS server or is there a setting I need to make somewhere?


PS I could post relevant code but I do not think the code is the issue. I think it has to be the configuration.


You can hit two limits - limits on the server side and limits on the browser side. Here is a blog post containing limits on the server side. As you can see the limit depends on the OS version and IIS version. You can find browser limits in this stackoverflow thread. Note that the client can open more than one concurrent requests (e.g. in case of long polling a poll request is almost always active and data is sent on a separate request).

  • Well if you for instance are running Windows 8 (Basic edition) the blog says the limit is 3 connections. Since SignalR may use 2 per a tab (e.g. single SignalR connection) it is not able to create another 2 for the second tab. Turn on tracing and take a look - it might give you some insight into what's really happening. – Pawel Jun 26 '15 at 17:18
  • Actually this is the answer. I am using windows home basic – Andrew Simpson Jun 26 '15 at 17:18

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