import sys 

input_1 = sys.argv[1]

in_1 = open(input_1, 'r')

input_lines = in_1.readlines()


length = len(input_lines)

for line in range(3,length):

    print(line,input_lines[line], end="")


I am getting BrokenPipeError: [Errno 32].


There is no issue with the code you posted. Something else is going on here. Are you piping to some other program that is closing the pipe?

e.g. script.py input.txt | head or script.py input.txt | tail

If so then just store the output in a file or variable first. For example:

script.py input.txt > output.txt
head output.txt


output=$(script.py input.txt)
head <<<"$output"

If you just want to suppress the error, you can replace the end of your script with the following:

    for line in range(3, length):
        print(line, input_lines[line], end="")
except BrokenPipeError:

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