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I have a table Login. It has the fields rank, username and password.

I want the rank field value to be auto incremented with respect to addition of username and password.

How do I do this in PostgreSQL ?

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A Sequence can be created which will auto increment the value of rank column.

CREATE SEQUENCE rank_id_seq;

CREATE TABLE yourtable (
    rank INTEGER NOT NULL default nextval('rank_id_seq'),
    username VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    password VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL

ALTER SEQUENCE rank_id_seq owned by yourtable.rank;

You are looking for a column with datatype Serial. See this page (bottom) for more information about that datatype.

So for example, your table definition could look like this:

CREATE TABLE yourtable (
    username VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
    password VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL
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    The autoincrement works like this: insert into yourtable (username, password) values ('moobars', 'boobars'); Then the database autoincrements the rank column. – Eric Leschinski Oct 17 '12 at 0:56
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    SERIAL is not a datatype, just an alias for an integer with a sequence as default (see Sanjay Kumar's asnwer) – leonbloy Jun 30 '13 at 21:56
create table login (rank serial, username varchar(20), password varchar(20))

Serial datatype is what you want.