I don't have much knowledge on mathml editors, we are already using rich:editor to edit html text. I would like to know the most commonly used mathematical equations editor which is browsed based and works across all the major browsers. I have looked at the editors listed here, but unable to make a decision on what to use along with our existing richfaces editor

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I quite like ASCII MathML as an input format for simple to moderately complex equations. While I don't use an online editor, I believe it should be possible to embed ASCIIMathML.js in your editor.


Mathtype can copy and paste equations into MathML markup (you choose whether Ctrl+C copies mathml or tex). It is quite good.


fmath has a plugin for tinyMCE at http://www.fmath.info/plugins/TinyMCE/api.jsp


The formula editor on formulasheet.com has a nice interface, and actually can output the MathML from formulas created using LaTeX (no previous knowledge of LaTeX is required since most symbols and operators are available using the buttons). The way to extract the MathML is to click the 'Copy to Word' button in the editor. This button actually copies the MathML of the equation to your clipboard. The reason that it is labeled as 'Copy to Word' is that MS Word versions 2007 and higher accept pasted MathML.

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