The title about covers it: I know that

w! newFileName

will write to newFileName while continuing to edit the original file.

But I want to

  1. write to the newFileName
  2. Open that new newFileName in the current buffer
  3. (Therefore meaning: close the original file without making updates to it)



The sav command should do what you want.


Another way of accomplishing this is to :w newName and then CTRL-^ (which is the same as CTRL-6) to switch to the new name.

When you :w to a new name, it sets that as the "alternate" file name, and CTRL-^ switches that to primary. See :help alternate for more information on this. Also useful is the :f newName which just renames the buffer (saving the old name as the alternate) without saving anything.

I like this a little better than the :saveas command because it doesn't introduce a new command, only a new shortcut, which is occasionally useful in other contexts as well. It's always surprising to me that switching to the new name is not the default behavior of :w newName whenever I encounter it; it's hard for me to think of a use case where the existing behavior would be preferable.


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