How do I extract the url from the following HTML.

i.e.. extract:



<div class="media-img">
    <div class=" searched-img" style="background-image: url(http://media.somesite.com.au/img-101x76.jpg);"></div>

In XPath 1.0 in general, you can use combination of substring-after() and substring-before() functions to extract part of a text. But HAP's SelectNodes() and SelectSingleNode() can't return other than node(s), so those XPath functions won't help.

One possible approach is to get the entire value of style attribute using XPath & HAP, then process the value further from .NET, using regex for example :

var html = @"<div class='media-img'>
    <div class=' searched-img' style='background-image: url(http://media.somesite.com.au/img-101x76.jpg);'></div>
var doc = new HtmlDocument();
var div = doc.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("//div[contains(@class,'searched-img')]");
var url = Regex.Match(div.GetAttributeValue("style", ""), @"(?<=url\()(.*)(?=\))").Groups[1].Value;

.NET Fiddle Demo

output :

  • Hey, nice work! I was getting nothing at all without the Regex. It was all a little confusing. Thanks.. – Bojangles Jun 28 '15 at 11:58

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