IDictionary<string, string> x;

previously you could do (as an example of the parameter code having quote marks):

string.Format("{0}", x["y"]);

What is the proper way to format the C# 6.0 string interpolation?

$"{x["y"]}"   // compiler error due to the quotes on the indexer value
              // UPDATE:  actually does work, must have had another typo I missed

Escaping the quotes as


doesn't work, and doing

 var b = "y";

seems awkward.


This works for me:

var dictionary= new Dictionary<string, string>();
dictionary.Add("x","value of x");
Console.WriteLine($"x is {dictionary["x"]}");

Make sure your project is set to use the version 6.0 of C# Language level (it's the default option on VS2015).

Edit: You can also try it here. (make sure you check the "C# 6.0 Beta").

  • Hmmm.. when I retested it, it worked fine. I must be typoing badly before coffee. – SAJ14SAJ Jun 28 '15 at 13:52
  • Even this works: $"x is { new Dictionary<string, string> {["x"] = "value of x" }["x"]}" – Paulo Morgado Jun 28 '15 at 20:16

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