Im trying to make a simple web application just to practice an learn more about Spring security.

But I have problems understanding the concepts of roles and permissions. So far I have created an ADMIN_ROLE and USER_ROLE and applied it to an ADMIN-USER and applied to USER_ROLE to GENERAL-USER. This is working fine without problems.

But now I would like to create a profile page that is accessible to only the owner of that user.

I would appreciate it if you have any resources for me to read of simple explanations of how these concepts work or how you would design this yourself..


This may be of some use, it is Unixlike file system permissions implemented in Spring

In brief a permission is something you can do on an object - delete, update, read, create and the role is who is doing it: administrator, user, editor etc.

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  • the external link is broken. – git-flo Jul 22 '18 at 11:48

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