I have trouble in building the following code:

type graph_t = scala.collection.mutable.Map[Long, (Long, Float)];
var graph : graph_t = graph_t();

However, it does work by replacing the graph_t() with the original type:

var graph : graph_t = scala.collection.mutable.Map[Long, (Long, Float)] ();

Any answer will be appreciated.

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Scala knows two namespaces: types and values. Types define what values are capable of, and values are the things you call methods on.

graph_t() is a method call (the apply method), but you did not define a value called graph_t, you defined a type called graph_t, and you cannot call methods on types.

The reason scala.collection.mutable.Map[Long, (Long, Float)] () works is because scala.collection.mutable.Map is both a type and a value.


That's interesting. Try this:

type s = String;
var x = s()

You get the same error: not found.

That's is because the name of the class is both the name of the type and the name of the constructor, but the name of a type is not necessarily the name of a constructor.

In this case, the function Map actually constructs a concrete implementation of the Map abstract class.

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