I am trying to make a simple app where you touch a point, and a sprite follows a line through that point to the edge of the screen, no matter where you touch. I want to draw line segments connecting the origin of the sprite (point where it starts) and the point where you touched, and between the origin of the sprite and the end point at the edge of the screen, so I can visualize the path of the sprite and the relationship between the x and y offsets of the origin, touch point and end point.

Hopefully that was not too confusing.

TL;DR: I need to draw a line between two points and I don't know how to do that using SpriteKit Swift.

Thanks in advance.

  • [Use touchesMoved to draw line][1] [1]: stackoverflow.com/a/26045711/2775981 – Vicky Jun 29 '15 at 6:55
  • @Vicky , That tutorial is, from the looks of it, written in Objective-C. I have no clue how to write in Objective-C and cannot comprehend it simply by reading. – rookr Jun 29 '15 at 8:54

This can be done using CGPath and SKShapeNode.

Lets start with CGPath. CGPath is used when we need to construct a path using series of shapes or lines. Paths are line connecting two points. So to make a line:

  1. moveToPoint: It sets the current point of the path to the specified point.
  2. addLineToPoint: It draws a straight line from the current point to the specified point. or addCurveToPoint: It draws a curved line from the current point to the specified point based on certain tangents and control points.

You can check the documentation here: http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/graphicsimaging/Reference/CGPath/Reference/reference.html

What you need to do is:

    var path = CGPathCreateMutable()
    CGPathMoveToPoint(path, nil, 100, 100)
    CGPathAddLineToPoint(path, nil, 500, 500)

Now to make the path visible, and give it attributes like stroke color, line width etc. you create a SKShapeNode in SpriteKit and add the path to it.

    let shape = SKShapeNode()
    shape.path = path
    shape.strokeColor = UIColor.whiteColor()
    shape.lineWidth = 2

Hope this helps :).

  • I just upgraded to Swift 3, and this solution broke for me. See my answer below to migrate. – DrRobotNinja Dec 24 '16 at 18:15

Follow THIS tutorial step by step and you can achieve that.

Consider the below code:

override func touchesMoved(touches: NSSet, withEvent event: UIEvent) {
    let location = touches.anyObject()!.locationInNode(scene)
    if let pig = movingPig {

This is a simple method. You get the next position of the user’s finger and if you found a pig in touchesBegan(_:,withEvent:), as indicated by a non-nil movingPig value, you add the position to this pig as the next waypoint.

So far, you can store a path for the pig—now let’s make the pig follow this path. Add the following code to update() inside GameScene.swift:

dt = currentTime - lastUpdateTime
lastUpdateTime = currentTime

enumerateChildNodesWithName("pig", usingBlock: {node, stop in
    let pig = node as Pig

And you can see result:

enter image description here

Drawing Lines:

At the moment, only the pig knows the path it wants to travel, but the scene also needs to know this path to draw it. The solution to this problem is a new method for your Pig class.

func createPathToMove() -> CGPathRef? {
    if wayPoints.count <= 1 {
        return nil
    var ref = CGPathCreateMutable()

    for var i = 0; i < wayPoints.count; ++i {
         let p = wayPoints[i]

    if i == 0 {
        CGPathMoveToPoint(ref, nil, p.x, p.y)
    } else {
        CGPathAddLineToPoint(ref, nil, p.x, p.y)

 return ref

this method to draw the pig’s path:

func drawLines() {

  enumerateChildNodesWithName("line", usingBlock: {node, stop in

  enumerateChildNodesWithName("pig", usingBlock: {node, stop in
    let pig = node as Pig
    if let path = pig.createPathToMove() {          
      let shapeNode = SKShapeNode()
      shapeNode.path = path
      shapeNode.name = "line"
      shapeNode.strokeColor = UIColor.grayColor()
      shapeNode.lineWidth = 2
      shapeNode.zPosition = 1


And here is your result:

enter image description here

And you can set that path for the pig.

You can modify that as per your need.

Hope it will help.

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    I just want to draw a line between two (and only two) points. Straight line. Nothing fancy. Thanks though – rookr Jun 29 '15 at 8:52

For Swift 3, the CGPathMoveToPoint method doesn't like a nil for the second argument anymore, so I needed a new solution. Here's what I came up with:

let line_path:CGMutablePath = CGMutablePath()
line_path.move(to: CGPoint(x:x1, y:y1))
line_path.addLine(to: CGPoint(x:x2, y:y2))

For the sake of simplicity, I pulled everything necessary to draw a line into an extension of SKShapeNode that allows you to create a line with a start & end point, as well as a strokeColor and strokeWidth (you could always preset these or make default values should you choose too)

extension SKShapeNode {
    convenience init(start: CGPoint,
                     end: CGPoint,
                     strokeColor: UIColor,
                     lineWidth: CGFloat) {

        let path = CGMutablePath()
        path.move(to: start)
        path.addLine(to: end)

        self.path = path
        self.strokeColor = strokeColor
        self.lineWidth = lineWidth

The basic idea is that it will create a CGMutablePath with the provided points and assign it to the shape node for drawing a line.

To call it:

let horizontalLine = SKShapeNode(start: CGPoint(x: 0, y: 50),
                                 end: CGPoint(x: size.width, y: 50),
                                 strokeColor: .orange,
                                 lineWidth: 2.0)

And the output:

enter image description here

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