This might be repeated question. But I can't display the object.

I'm new to ruby, tried to debug like var_dump and print_r then die in php

Here is my code.

@brand_id = Brand.maximum("brand_id")

I tried the following method

1 puts YAML::dump(@brand_id)
2 logger.debug { @brand_id.inspect }

Can anyone help me resolve it, pls?


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Rails will only output views to the browser. Any other output is sent to STD_OUT on the server.

Debugging from views is simple:

<%= debug @brand %>

But debugging from inside a controller or model requires you to either halt the execution with abort, which will output an error page:

abort @brand.inspect

Or you can write to the rails log with:


You can read the log by using tail -f /logs/development.log from the your shell.

  • But there are much better debugging tools like pry and byebug that let you set breakpoints instead.
    – max
    Jan 28, 2019 at 10:14

The Rails equivalent of php's var_dump would be debug:

<%= debug @brand_id %>

To display it in the browser you need to add the following code in the view of the action where you are setting the value of @brand_id

<%= @brand_id %>

Hope this helped!

  • In controller action you need to set @brand_id, @brand_id = Brand.maximum("brand_id") Jun 29, 2015 at 7:19

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