I have a very simple question, but I Googled and somehow I couldn't find it. I was wondering how can I get the

Maven Project Pane

in Intellij 14 or something similar?

I saw it in a tutorial, but couldn't find the panel. In my case when I followed this video exactly, I couldn't see the panel and I couldn't find it anywhere. I have IntelliJ 14.

UPDATE I just experimented a bit with the Intellij interface but I can't seem to see the right hand side bar. See


  • I believe it is a default window. For me the Maven Projects button is on the far right hand side of IntelliJ just like your picture. Have you tried resetting the IDE windows? Go to Window->Restore Default Layout. – superbAfterSemperPhi Jun 29 '15 at 22:16
  • Unfortunately it did not work. It would be better if someone has a better option than using my "last resort" option. – Snowflake Jun 30 '15 at 5:09

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First, make sure you have enabled maven plugin in

FileSettingsPluginsMaven Integration

If so and still the tool window is hidden then

go to ViewTool WindowsMaven Projects to open it.

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    I tried that, but does not seem to work, I got a project with POM imported and can see the POM, the Plugin for Maven Integration installed and enabled, but don't have the option to choose Maven Toolwindow.. – user9245344 Dec 1 '19 at 8:27

I had similar problem until I right-clicked the option in POM "Add as Maven Project".

enter image description here

Notice: IDEA 2019.2 and I couldn't even find Maven in "Tool Windows" of the (existing) project before it.

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    Same for version 2019.2. This is the only way. – chickensoup Sep 11 '19 at 5:15
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    Thanks. I imported several maven projects from eclipse and the "Add as Maven Project" option on the pom was the only way to enable the Maven view. – NaderNader Jan 24 at 17:30

For those stuck with this issue, enable View -> Tool Buttons.

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You can find the Maven Projects pane by going to Help > Find Action or press Ctrl + Shift + A and type in "Maven Projects". However I can't see it anywhere in the elaborate menu's.

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I had the same problem with a maven project, the tab wasn't showing up and even in the View->Tool windows menu, there was no maven item.
After searching the internet i could not find a solution but then i looked in Intellij idea
and noticed a Even Log showing a number in a red circle, i clicked it and then read an error message:

Non-managed pom.xml file found:   
Add as Maven Project

checkout solution from invzbl3, It might help.

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It's a bit late, but I had the same problem with missing sidebars. At least in IDEA 2017.3 there is an icon on the bottom left of the screen that toggles the sidebars. That's how I got it back.

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If View → Tool Windows → Maven Projects doesnt work that means tools button is deselected

go to View -> Tool Buttons and select it . You should be able to Maven window now

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  • Not able to see this option in the view, can you please help – Sandeep Kamath Mar 15 at 20:43

Very simple. NO PLUGINS.

Maven comes by default so you should press two times the shift key and write "maven".

Then import the maven project ".pom" and the bar cames automatically after selecting the pom.

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Weird but this works at times:

Disable File → Settings → Plugins → Maven Integration first and restart Intellij. Then re-enable it back and restart - this might fix the issue.

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Enable maven plugin first in

File → Settings → Plugins → Maven

Also, make sure you enable Tool Buttons in

View → Tool Buttons

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The question asked is how to show the sidebar, not show the Maven Plugin. On my version of Intellij this is enabled with the following:

View -> Appearance -> Tool Window Bars

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Check if at the bottom line of Intellij, it says "non-managed pom files found."

You can then "Add as a Maven Project"

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  • this is just another repost – J. Doe Mar 12 at 13:26

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