I'm trying understand how declare and require namespaces through lein. I created a project "interview", and inside "src/interview" I have a folder called "prompts", it has a file called rawlist.clj:

+ /interview               project root
|--+ /src                  lein src
|  |--+ /interview
|     |--+ core.clj
|     |--+ /prompts        my new folder
|        |--+ rawlist.clj

rawlist.clj file:

(ns interview.prompts.rawlist)


  1. How require rawlist in repl?
    • I'm trying (require 'interview.prompts.rawlist)
  2. How require use some function of rawlist?
  3. How correct create a test folder for this?

See the clojure docs for require. Here's an example where the namespace is given the alias r so that you can shorten the names.

(require [interview.prompts.rawlist :as r])

You can also refer to the full name at any time too:


There are many ways to use require, e.g. with refer if you don't want a prefix. Say you have 3 functions f1,f2,f3, then you can refer to them in these ways:

(require [interview.prompts.rawlist :refer [f1 f2] :as r)

Notice in third case, because it wasn't in the refer list, you have to use the r prefix.

For test folders, read the documentation for leiningen where it is explained, but basically boils down to:

+ /interview
|--+ src/
|--+ test/

and the sub-folder structure follows exactly the same pattern as the src dir.

You can add additional folders in project.clj using :source-paths and :test-paths keys in the main project macro. See the sample project for more information.

I recommend you absorb everything in the sample project above, and also read the leiningen tutorial.

Finally, when referring to functions in the ns declaration in other sources (e.g. in your tests) you use the same format, but using the :require form:

(ns foo.bar
  (:require [interview.prompts.rawlist :as r]))


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