the company i worked in purchased a web hosting from GoDaddy which is a Linux based hosting using Cpanel. I believe it is unlimited websites. Supposed it is already hosting sample.com which I deployed, it is a laravel 5 website. Then I want to add new website sample2.com which a domain the we already purchased.

On the cpanel there's an option of Addon Domains so I tried it out. I was able to add sample2.com and as expected it's root directory will be shared to sample.com

but when I browse to sample2.com I get Internal Server Error 500 plus in the url it is poiting to sample2.com/sample2.com which I believe it is appending the folder on the url? What could be the problem? Is there other configuration I missed? Both my hosting and domain names came from GoDaddy.

(sample.com files)  

Found out my problem. It is my Laravel 5 .htaccess on my public_html folder. I just rename it to something else and my second website works then rename it again to its original then all sites works fine.

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