I have 3 ranges of numbers and the answer depends on the range.



85+  =0.559

I tried to create an equation that accounts for the ranges, however Excel states that I have entered too many arguments for this function. Below is the equation that I entered that is not working. (X2 contains the number)


I also tried to enter the range of numbers into another sheet - Age, and got an error #Value!.


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=IF(X2>=85,                  'If the value is in the highest bracket
      0.559,                 'Use the appropriate number
      IF(X2>=80,             'Otherwise, if the number is in the next highest bracket
           0.327,            'Use the appropriate number
           IF(X2>=75,        'Otherwise, if the number is in the next highest bracket
              0.255,         'Use the appropriate number
              -1             'Otherwise, we're not in any of the ranges (Error)
  • VeeArr, Thank you very much for the equation and the detailed explanation. I know it helped me understand why the equation had to be written that way. Hopefully it will help others too. Jun 24, 2010 at 20:13

You need to use the AND function for the multiple conditions:

=IF(AND(A2>=75, A2<=79),0.255,IF(AND(A2>=80, X2<=84),0.327,IF(A2>=85,0.559,0)))
  • Thank you Tom. I had played around with the AND function and couldn't make that work either. Looking at your finished equation, I now know that I was mixing parts of the AND function into a normal IF statement and that was just one of the mistakes. Thank you Jun 24, 2010 at 20:10

Your formula should be of the form =IF(X2 >= 85,0.559,IF(X2 >= 80,0.327,IF(X2 >=75,0.255,0))). This simulates the ELSE-IF operand Excel lacks. Your formulas were using two conditions in each, but the second parameter of the IF formula is the value to use if the condition evaluates to true. You can't chain conditions in that manner.

  • Thank you very much Andy. Your explanation was almost as good as the equation itself. These If statements are finally starting to make sense. Thanks again. Jun 24, 2010 at 20:05

This is what I did:

Very simply put:

=IF(C7>100,"Profit",IF(C7=100,"Quota Met","Loss"))

The first IF Statement, if true will input Profit, and if false will lead on to the next IF statement and so forth :)

I only have basic formula knowledge but it's working so I will accept I am right!

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