I'm trying to get a regex that will validate the following formats:


I have tried various examples, but not sure how to get the one that will take into account the possible 1- at the begging and still inforce the 234-567-8901.

Rules are, any digit, 2 or 3 dashes, if 3 dashes then 11 numberes, if 2 dashes then 10 numbers.

  • which language? which framework? use ready-to-use parsers – gaussblurinc Jun 30 '15 at 16:16

You can use:

 telephone: function (val, field) {
    return /^(\d{3}[-]?){1,2}(\d{4})$/.test(val);
telephoneText: "Invalid phone number",
telephoneMask: /[\d-]/

Check out https://regex101.com/ to test your regex.

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    This sort of code only answer is not helpful. The language or system it is written for is not stated. There is no description of what it does or how it works or how it answers the question. – AdrianHHH Jan 12 '17 at 10:31

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