I'm looking at key enumeration, but for some of the codes the description isn't very explanatory. For example: Key.ImeProcessed. Is there any list where I can get better explanation for most of the enumeration if not all?

I am trying to filter out KeyPress that doesn't make any change to the text (e.g. alt/ctrl/arrow keys) I wanted to see if these buttons fall into some category (like Key.DoesNotModifyText)


The WPF Key Codes are based, I believe, on the Win32 virtual key codes, which are quite extensive.

IME is an Input Method Editor, which you can read about here, at Microsoft. These make it easier to write in languages (such as Chinese) which are not easily written on a standard keyboard. The various IME codes indicate the state of an IME, if one is installed.

  • Funny enough is that the Key enum for WPF doesn't respects the numeric values from the Windows API, while the matching enum for WinForms follows it closely. No idea why they screwed everything for WPF. – Alejandro May 27 at 20:27

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