I'm unsure of whether or not pushing symbolic links to a git repo is a bad practice or not. Is there any risk or bad reason to do so?

I haven't seen a good answer. If anyone has a good resource or explanation please share.


As long as the symlink references a resource within the same repository, as a relative path, it should be OK (especially now that symlinks are supported on Windows, and no longer require privilege elevation)

The following two cases would not work though, when that same symlink references a resource:

  • inside a repository, but with an absolute path (bad practice)
  • outside the repository with a relative or absolute path (bad practice)

"bad practice" because :Any clone of the repository in a different machine/patform/OS would not be able to access/use those paths.

After that, it depends where the repo (with its symlink) is used.

I mentioned before in "How to add symlink file to a gitlab repo" that a symlink would make a GitLab pipeline fail.

=> "bad practice": the environment where such a repository would be used would fail to run its content.

  • I was considering more about bad practice and not about if it is doable. – lucasvc Sep 21 at 13:26
  • @lucasvc bad practice is precisely what this answer addresses: if it is outside a repo or with an absolute path, that would be a bad practice. If it is used in a pipeline, that would be a bad practice. – VonC Sep 21 at 13:28
  • @lucasvc I have edited the answer to emphasize the points you are after. – VonC Sep 21 at 13:29
  • Well, my opinion was this, but still have my doubts about good or bad practice (from an engineering point of view). But the points are for you :) – lucasvc Sep 22 at 16:25

It is generally bad practice to include platform-dependant files in a git repository, if they do not contribute anything to the actual code, but there isn't really an argument against it. Files such as symlinks can confuse another user, for example, if he pulls the repository to a different local machine.

  • 1
    The good thing (in this case) about using git is that makes the sym link platform-independant (as it works in all platforms AFAIK). – lucasvc Sep 21 at 13:26

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