I'm trying to do concurrent hits to my node server and am getting the below error

node) warning: possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit. Trace at Socket.EventEmitter.addListener (events.js:160:15) at Socket.Readable.on (_stream_readable.js:689:33) at ClientRequest. (/home/ubuntu/sample.js:20:24) at ClientRequest.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:117:20) at http.js:1759:9 at process._tickDomainCallback (node.js:459:13)

even though i set setMaxListeners() and installed the version of node (where they said that this bug has been fixed) still there is not effect.Somewhere memory is being piled up.

Below is the place where the above error is occuring

socket.on('timeout', function () {

How can I stop this EventEmitter memory leak issue from happening?

  • Could you show your code, please? – Ry- Jul 1 '15 at 5:47
  • @minitech : This is where i'm getting tne error socket.on('timeout', function () { request.abort(); }); – Stack s Jul 3 '15 at 5:43
  • Could you show your entire code, please? Or better, a minimal case that can reproduce the problem? – Ry- Jul 3 '15 at 5:49
  • Though i have not tried socket much, but ` 11 listeners added` gives me a hint that you might be registering multiple socket listener. As number of socket connection will increase, this problem may become more visible. How about keeping single listener for all socket. – Gaurav Gupta Jul 3 '15 at 5:56

Set process.setmaxlisteners(0)

  • i tried this in my main.js file but still facing this issue – Stack s Jul 2 '15 at 6:18
  • Which version of node you are using,latest version does not have that functionality nodejs.org/api/process.html – Sathish Jul 2 '15 at 6:32
  • im using version 10.20 – Stack s Jul 2 '15 at 7:57
  • First, this is a poor answer that honestly rather be a comment. Second, each time I see an advice to switch of max listeners limitation I have to notice - sometimes it's the wrong solution. One rather investigate what are the reasons for having this big amount of even listeners . – shabunc Sep 5 at 10:58
  • Hi @shabunc great that you responded to that comment :). the process listeners is not controlled by application code alone, dependencies can also add hooks. Can you let the questionnaire know how to debug that ? – Sathish Sep 6 at 5:39

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