In Internet Explorer browser(IE 10) db.putAttachment() function is throwing the following error when I attempt to store a base64 encoded data.

db.putAttachment( id, attachmentTitle, attachmentBase64EncodedData, attachmentType); 

message "Some query argument is invalid"
name    "badarg"
reason  "Attachments need to be base64 encoded"
status  500

The base64 encoded data that am trying to store as attachment is retrieved from server.

The same code works perfectly in Chrome.


It seems, that IE10 does not support Base64 option for PouchDB, so try using Blob instead.

PouchDB and attachment strategies


When you supply attachments to PouchDB, you need to either provide them as 1) base64-encoded strings, or 2) Blobs. Your error indicates that you passed in a string, but it isn't base64-encoded.

I encourage you to try the live code examples in the PouchDB guide to attachments. They definitely work in IE10. :)

Also FWIW it is more efficient if you pass in Blobs to PouchDB rather than base64-encoded strings (if you can avoid it!).

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