I am trying to access from my server to files on sharepoint sites with Azure AD oauth2, i created multi-tenant Azure AD app with such permissions

My Azure  AD   app  permissions

after this i am going through standard oauth2 process to obtain tokens:

i redirect user to https://login.windows.net/common/oauth2/authorize?client_id=123XXXXXXXXf4d5d4512&response_type=code&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2FdXXXXXXX%2Foffice365_oauthcallback.html and when admin user log in then everything is going smoothly, but ordinary user can not log in, he is getting:

Additional technical information:

Correlation ID: d81a1cca-1c4f-4da1-9162-88ba74d57775

Timestamp: 2015-07-01 09:49:53Z

AADSTS90093: This operation can only be performed by an administrator. Sign out and sign in as an administrator or contact one of your organization's administrators.

i assume that he is getting this because can not use some permissions

may same one help me to choose correct permissions which will allow to me to authorize with Azure AD oauth2 ordinary user, not admin only.

I was trying to remove access to Azure permission from app and leave access to sharepoint only, but as result I am getting

AADSTS65005: The client application has requested access to resource "00000002-0000-0000-c000-000000000000". This request has failed because the client has not specified this resource in its requiredResourceAccess list.%0d%0aTrace ID%3a 97d7ddff-0eaf-487c-83be-e277970f9339%0d%0aCorrelation ID%3a dcf33c54-fb51-46d9-9ee5-09db8d425b0d%0d%0aTimestamp%3a 2015-07-01 09%3a58%3a05Z

i was trying to follow https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/088c7f00-70ae-47ac-abe6-bdf6b5778468/aadsts65005-the-request-has-failed-because-the-client-has-not-specified-this-resource-in-its?forum=WindowsAzureAD and put &resorce= param as sharepoint site


and as result i got this

AADSTS50001: Resource https://SITE.sharepoint.com/DP/ is not registered for the account. Trace ID: b30da866-5a89-4962-9617-92a7cfe649b9 Correlation ID: 48a5ef84-8211-4588-8339-05ba7154fbc6

I put &resorce= param as sharepoint site DOmain


and got

Additional technical information: Correlation ID: 7f006d85-a72a-480f-b92e-0c706190f73e Timestamp: 2015-07-01 10:13:17Z AADSTS90093: This operation can only be performed by an administrator. Sign out and sign in as an administrator or contact one of your organization's administrators.

what i am doing wrong? is there are any way to make oauth2 through Azure AD for ordinary user, not just for admin?


I found answer on this page http://blog.beecomedigital.com/2015/06/08/aadsts90093-calling-principal-cannot-consent-due-to-lack-of-permissions/ it contains all permissions you may set for AD App which do not require admin permissions to been accepted.

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