I am developing asp.net 5 (now called ASP.NET Core) on linux. But I cannot connect between EF7 (now called EF Core) and Mysql server. Please tell me any solution that you knew.



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All available providers are listed at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/ef/core/providers/. At time of writing, there are 3 different EF Core providers, two community versions and one official version.

UPDATE Sept 15, 2016

MySQL released the first version of an official provider for EF Core.


There is also a community version of a MySQL provider


UPDATE May 23, 2016

MySQL has announced (quietly) that they are building an EF Core 1.0 provider. There are no details yet on its availability. See https://docs.efproject.net/en/latest/providers/mysql/index.html

Also, DevArt announced a month ago that their (proprietary, not-free) providers support EF 7 on .NET Framework only, including their MySQL provider. No news yet about their intention to support .NET Core. http://blog.devart.com/entity-framework-core-1-entity-framework-7-support.html


I have good news, guys. Like one said : "Pas le temps de niaiser". Entity Framework 7 will support soon MySQL, trusting this page from the documentation : https://docs.efproject.net/en/latest/providers/mysql/index.html#coming-soon


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