I am using flask and mongoengine. How do I use mongodb's geoNear query?

I am trying to use pymongo like this using this link:

db.command(SON([('geoNear', 'content'), ('near', coordinate)]))

If I am on the right way.

How do I create pymongo's db object from flask and mongoengine?


After reading the sourcecode of mongoengine

in connection.py get_db return the db object I need

def get_db(alias=DEFAULT_CONNECTION_NAME, reconnect=False):

So I can run geoNear in mongoengine like this:

from mongoengine.connection import get_db
get_db().command(SON([('geoNear', 'content'), ('near', coordinate)]))

MongoEngine 0.8 introduces Geo queries.

You should be able to do something like this:

content.objects(point__near={"type": "Point", "coordinates": coordinate})

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