We can use the -cmd option with sqlite3 to run a query, but then sqlite3 opens the database and waits in there for interactive input. How can we run a query on sqlite3 from the command line and exit?


Just include the command in quotes after the database file argument.

For example, the following creates a table called abc:

sqlite3 test.db 'create table abc (col0 int)'

You can use the .exit command (1), to exit gracefully:

sqlite3 test.db "select * from abc;" ".exit"

Documentation: Command Line Shell For SQLite.

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    +1: This was useful for enabling headers and setting the mode: sqlite3 db.sqlite3 ".headers on" ".mode column" "select * from auth_user;" | less -S -#10! – Solomon Ucko Apr 4 '19 at 1:42
  • You can also set mode by using command line arguments as well: sqlite3 -box my.db "select * from table;". Type sqlite3 --help to see other options. – endo64 Nov 15 '20 at 20:32

If you are stuck in a situation where you absolutely "have to" use the -cmd flag when you are running SQLite 3 from the command line, you can use successive blank command to exit.

For example:

sqlite3 test.db "select * from urls;" "" > test.txt

In this example, the "" will cause the SQLite 3 process to exit. (At least it does for me on OS X.)


Also it might be useful to have multiline queries:

sqlite3 ./database.db <<EOF
    SELECT *
    FROM something
    LIMIT 5

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