I'd like to change the "Root folder" for one of the existing views in StarTeam. There's a possibility to change a working folder (via "View / Properties" dialog), but that's not the feature I need as it is done locally only. Does anyone know how could I change it so that any user who switches to this view sees the new structure?

  • Can you specify what you see as the difference between the "root folder" and the "working folder"? – Ian Jul 23 '15 at 15:08

Within a View you can set the Default Working Folder that will be shared initially for ALL users of that View within a Project or you can set an Alternate Working Folder that is specific to only YOUR local workstation. The screen is under View->Properties:

StarTeam View Properties Screen

You can find additional information about this within the documentation: Changing a View's Default and Alternate Working Folders

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