As being a beginner, I started learning some new command options about vim and while trying the Modeless vi by typing the command vim -y [name of the file to edit] I didn't found a way to come back to the terminal but closing it.

I know that the command above run vim in insert mode without permiting the command mode but my question is there any way to exit vi while staying in the same terminal?


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CTRL-L puts vim back into normal mode. Then :q to quit or :q! to quit without saving.


Vim's "easy mode" is a very different beast than regular Vim/Vi. Easy mode goes out of it's way to try and make Vim modeless which is heresy as far as I am concerned.

If you do want to learn some Vim commands then I suggest you take 20 minutes or so and run vimtutor. It will teach you the some basic Vim commands. I would also suggest making a cheat sheet if you are having a hard time remembering the commands or go through vimtutor again. As always the Vim documentation is there via :h.

  • Thank you but actually, I know the basics of the vim that anyone must know I also started to make and create my own .exrc file in order to program faster. The problem while surfing I come across this option -y so I just wanted to test it. I can agee that the eady mode is much more better than the modelss mode . You maybe misunderstood the word beginner but your comment is really precious ! Jul 7, 2015 at 16:28

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