I've tried looking at the Microsoft site and Googling this but nobody seems to have an answer aside from the < and the >. There's more to it than that though. I've noticed that the HTML entity starter of &# is invalid. Is there anything else? Does anyone have a complete list?



List of characters by framework version

1.1 Framework Validation:

* &#
* <alpha, <!, </
* script
* On handlers like onmouseenter, etc…
* expression(
* Looks for these starting characters (‘<’, ‘&’, ‘o’, ‘O’, ‘s’, ‘S’, ‘e’, ‘E’)

This is obviously a pretty strict list of items that would trigger a validation error. In the 2.0 Framework, Microsoft decided to loosen the restrictions on this quite a bit. Below is the list of validation checks in the 2.0 Framework.

2.0 Framework Validation:

* &#
* <alpha, <!, </, <?
* Looks for these starting characters (‘<’, ‘&’)

I dont have a complete list, but why do you need it? You can set ValidateRequest=false and prevent for Script Injection for yourself.

Maybe you will find the list here: Allowing percents, angle-brackets, and other naughty things in the ASP.NET/IIS Request URL

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    I need to know so QA can stop telling me they found a "bug" when they enter data that gets flagged by ValidateRequest. I can't turn it off as our IT Security team demands that it be always on. Not my call. – hyprsleepy Jul 20 '10 at 19:38

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