This function fires once at page load, but then never again. I've tried $watch, $apply, and firebase's ref.on('value', ... but no dice. The model changes for the value of scope.job.getApplicants(), but scope.applicants_ is not refreshing when this happens.

function go() {

    var p = [];

    // scope.job.getApplicants() returns a $firebaseArray of user IDs
    scope.job.getApplicants().$loaded().then(function(list) {

      list.forEach(function(app) {

        // User_(app.$id) returns a $firebaseObject
        var user = User_(app.$id);     




    return p;

  scope.applicants_ = go();
  • Is it possible for you to give more code? In plnkr maybe? – geckob Jul 2 '15 at 16:53
  • @geckob got it working, see below – compguy24 Jul 2 '15 at 16:59

This is how I resolved the problem:

ref.on('value', function(apps) {
    var applicantIDs = Object.keys(apps.val());       
    scope.applicants_ = applicantIDs.map(function(app) {
      return User_(app);

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