Is there a flat that will tell the C# Mongo BsonSerializer to ignore elements that do not exist in the poco class

Example collection

Animal {"Type" : "Cat", "Skill" : "Jump"}
Animal {"Type" : "Dog", "Skill" : "Bark", "Owner" : "Jimmy"}

If the cat C# class only has

public string Type {get;set;}
public string Skill {get;set;}

When I attempt to execute the following

 var test = BsonSerializer.Deserialize<Animal>(result);

The first item will work fine, the second one will throw an exception that Owner does not exist.


Use [BsonIgnoreExtraElements] attribute on Cat class.
From attribute summary:

Specifies whether extra elements should be ignored when this class is deserialized.


Maybe you can deserialize as an object, and use dynamic to receive it.

dynamic test = BsonSerializer.Deserialize<object>(result);

  • I was thinking that, but was afraid that could cause a performance hit – Chadit Jul 3 '15 at 2:30

Or you can use Convention to do it for all types at once

var conventionPack = new ConventionPack { new IgnoreExtraElementsConvention(true) };
ConventionRegistry.Register("IgnoreExtraElements", conventionPack, _ => true);

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