After creating a telegram bot and gain bot token, I want to send a request to the bot API.

This link says we must send the HTTP request like this: https://api.telegram.org/bot<token>/METHOD_NAME and brings example for easiest method "getme" which has not any input parameters.

Imagine I want to send some messages. I should use the sendMessage method which has two Required input parameters: chat_ID and text.

Now my Questions begins:

  1. How can I write this sendMessage method in above request format with its parameters? I tried sendMessage(param1,param2) and received method not found message.

  2. What is chat_id? if I want to send a message to the contact, how can I know his chat_id?

I searched a lot on the internet, there are plenty of projects on GitHub especially for this purpose, and honestly none of them makes any sense. for god's sake someone please help me. I am loosing way.



You just send a POST request to:


For example:


In the body of the request, you URL encode the parameters:


For example, in Python using the requests module:

import requests

response = requests.post(
    url='https://api.telegram.org/bot{0}/{1}'.format(token, method),
    data={'chat_id': 12345, 'text': 'hello friend'}

When a user chats with your bot, you get a Message object that has a chat id (and a user id, which you can substitute for a chat id). There's no way to initiate a chat with a user unless you already know their user id, so you have to wait for a user to talk to you. You can simplify that by using deep linking and having the user click on a link that sends a pre-made message when they hit the Start button.

  • thanks for your good answer, about receiving messages, how can a user chat with my bot, I mean should they just send message to my telegram account and I can have their chat_id ? – Ali Crash Jul 3 '15 at 12:59
  • @AliCrash: The user either finds your bot by name (@YourBot) or they click on a link (https://telegram.me/YourBot?start=something), which opens up a Telegram window and the message input box is replaced with a giant Start button which sends \start something to your bot. – Blender Jul 3 '15 at 21:33
  • aha, now I see how a bot works, thanks again, but how can I receive and store the messages in my Telegram account inbox into a local database? I want to make a desktop app to do such a thing. – Ali Crash Jul 3 '15 at 23:52
  • and also in general about telegram api methods, do we have to write methods name in body of http request and send it tu DC ip of our api app? can you bring me an example of one api method in http request? let's say auth.checkPhone for example do we use get request or post . regards – Ali Crash Jul 4 '15 at 2:10
  • 2
    @AliCrash: The Telegram API is not related to the Telegram Bot API. It's not even over HTTP, it's a custom protocol. – Blender Jul 4 '15 at 16:06

Try this

https://api.telegram.org/bot{token}/sendMessage?chat_id=<chat_id>&text=<Enter your text here>



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