I am using the glmtree function, from the partykit package:

fit <- glmtree(formula= fD ~ 1 | Age + fGender + Qualification + fOccupation + SizeWorkplc + WorkExp, data=newdata, family="binomial", minsize = 50, maxdepth = 4, alpha = 0.9, prune = "AIC")

To predict the model I am using:

prob <-predict(fit,newdata=newdata,type=c("response"))

I'd like to have the confidence interval of the prediction. I have tried se.fit=TRUE, confint function, interval="prediction", ....

I'd to know how to get the error tradeoff plot and the frequency distribution of probability plot predicted by the model presence and absence sites (once family ="binomial").

  • Thanks Pascal for editing my question! – Dani Jul 4 '15 at 7:33

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