I have a button to send an e-mail message. This opens a new e-mail but the problem is that the subject and the body text are not added to the e-mail message. This is what I have so far that is not working:

<input style="background: #4a5e70; color: #ffffff;" type="button" value="REQUEST INVITE" onclick="window.location.href='mailto:[email protected]’;” subject=“Request%20invite;body=Hallo%20you;”/>

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In almost every language (PowerShell is one exception), text strings are delimited by typewriter quotes (' and ") not typographic quotes (, , or ). You should replace your quotes like so:

onclick="window.location.href='mailto:[email protected]?subject=Request%20invite&body=Hallo%20you'"

The onclick attribute is written as a single string (delimited by double quotes) whose href whose value is a single string (delimited by single quotes) expressed as a URL-encoded query string.

Note also that you can’t rely on mailto links working unless users have configured a local email client correctly.

See the Mailto Wikipedia article and this related question for more information.

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