What property or other option can I set, to tell MSBuild to pass an arbitrary option to the C++ compiler?

In cases where the compiler is known to MSBuild or the option has the same spelling as one used by a known compiler e.g. How can I pass a parameter through MSBuild to the compiler? the solution is to set a property corresponding to that specific option. However, in this case the compiler I'm using is clang and the option is unique to clang.

The closest likely candidate I could find in the documentation is CompilerResponseFile but when I set that (whether in the project file on the command line) nothing at all happens; maybe that's specific to C# not C++?

Is there another property I can use instead?


You can add AdditionalOptions metadata to the ClCompile items. For example,

        <AdditionalOptions>Your Options Go Here %(AdditionalOptions)</AdditionalOptions>

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