I have an ipad app that when you are in landscape view, the view will move up when the keyboard is brought in. When you press done on the keyboard, textFieldShouldReturn and textFieldShouldEndEditing are called in which case, I move the view down in shouldEndEditing.

If the user presses the dismiss keyboard button, the keyboard does poof, yet the view is still stuck floating where I moved it.

I need to know how or what function is called when that button is pressed so I can redirect the function to textFieldShouldEndEditing.



You can listen for keyboard hide UIKeyboardWillHideNotification notification.

Example code is here http://developer.apple.com/iphone/library/samplecode/KeyboardAccessory/Listings/Classes_ViewController_m.html

  • I was able to use that to detect when the keyboard left. By putting the textfield should return code in the keyboard hide code, it called it either way. Then it would call textfielddidendediting code. Thanks! Jun 26 '10 at 17:49
  • 6
    I'm fairly certain this notification is simply a result of the textfield losing first responder status. Is there a way to detect the actual tap event on the button, so we can circumvent losing first responder status and perform a different action?
    – Awesome-o
    Apr 12 '16 at 21:33
  • This doesn't fire for me when the hide keyboard button is pressed. Hiding the keyboard keeps the undo/redo buttons visible at the bottom of the screen, only when you dismiss them does it fire. iPad Pro on iOS 12.1.
    – alstr
    Feb 17 '19 at 8:17

When the "lower keyboard" button is pressed, the textfield delegate method of:

-(BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)textField

Won't be called.

When either the "lower keyboard" or "return button" are pressed, the:

-(void)textFieldDidEndEditing:(UITextField *)textField

Will be called.

I use a variable NSString *lowerKeyboardButtonPressed initially set to @"" which I set to @"N" in the textfieldShouldReturn method ... then in the textFieldDidEndEditing method I check to see if it is set to @"N" ... then I know if the return key or lower keyboard key was pressed. The last line in my textFieldDidEndEditing method sets the variable back to @"".

  • The return button will only fire textFieldDidEndEditing if you implement textFieldShouldReturn and resignFirstResponder inside that method.
    – inorganik
    Aug 20 '12 at 16:47
  • I've found the above answer(s) to be much more useful ... using a "UIKeyboardWillHideNotification" is the key!!! Aug 27 '12 at 17:58
  • 2
    "I use a variable NSString *lowerKeyboardButtonPressed ..." -- you should use a BOOL variable for this. Sep 15 '14 at 3:11
  • Using Keyboard Notifications is the best solution no doubt! Check the accepted answer for this thread. :) Mar 16 '15 at 16:12
  • textFieldDidEndEditing is not called for the "lower keyboard" button. Sep 8 '16 at 17:33

If you press the keyboard dismiss button and you have a hardware keyboard attached, then the willHide will only be called if you don't have an input accessory view. At which point you need to adjust in the willShow as well (which will have a negative difference between the UIKeyboardFrameBeginUserInfoKey and UIKeyboardFrameEndUserInfoKey keys).

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