I'm trying to figure out why the following URL is returning:


The URL I'm using is (API key taken out, for obvious reasons :))


I'm passing the address param... yet according to the documentation, it says that error is:

"INVALID_REQUEST" generally indicates that the query (address, components or latlng) is missing.


Any ideas? I'm at a bit of a loss!

EDIT: This is insane!

I added my own IP to the list of accepted ones for the API - and then access the URL from my browser:


Then it works. However, accessing it via a simple script on the server (with the correct IP address also white-listed at google), and it gives me the { 'status' => 'INVALID_REQUEST' } error... ARGH!!!!

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Ah man - talk about annoying. For anyone else coming across this problem - please make sure that any accents are URL Encoded - otherwise you will get this problem! In my Perl script I used URL::Encode, to convert any utf8 into encoded strings:

$url .= URL::Encode::url_encode_utf8($address);

That has now fixed it :)


I saw the same error, but I realized that it was from a different source.

For anyone googling this later, be sure to make a GET request, not a POST request. This is why it worked in the browser for me with various different URL encodings but never worked in my app with the exact same parameters because I was always making POST requests in my app.

I added this as an answer because my problem matched all the symptoms described in the question, but it was not solved by OP's response.

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