Is there a way to change the gateway address of the AP hot-spot feature of Android from to something else such as without recompiling anything? I have a rooted Android device.

You are trying to change the settings that have been hardcoded for android hotspot This is from

private boolean startTethering(ArrayList<String> available) {                                 

    boolean wifiAvailable = false;                                                            


    String[] wifiRegexs = mCm.getTetherableWifiRegexs();                                      

    for (String intf : available) {                                                           
        for (String regex : wifiRegexs) {                                                     
            if (intf.matches(regex)) {                                                        

                InterfaceConfiguration ifcg = null;                                           
                try {                                                                          
                    ifcg = mNwService.getInterfaceConfig(intf);                               
                    if (ifcg != null) {                                                       
                        /* IP/netmask: */                           
                        ifcg.setLinkAddress(new LinkAddress(                                  
                                NetworkUtils.numericToInetAddress(""), 24));       

                        mNwService.setInterfaceConfig(intf, ifcg);                            
                } catch (Exception e) {                                                       
                    loge("Error configuring interface " + intf + ", :" + e);                  
                    return false;                                                              

                if(mCm.tether(intf) != ConnectivityManager.TETHER_ERROR_NO_ERROR) {           
                    loge("Error tethering on " + intf);                                       
                    return false;                                                              
                mTetherInterfaceName = intf;                                                  
                return true;                                                                   
    // We found no interfaces to tether                                                        
    return false;                                                                              

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