I have a form input field in my view where i choose to capture a users name with just one input field:


  <div class="row">
    <%= form_for @user, class: "form", id: "subscribe-form", role: "form" do |u| %>
    <div class="line">
      <%= u.text_field :name, placeholder: 'Name here...', class: 'form-control', required: true %>
    <div class="line">
      <%= u.text_field :email, placeholder: 'Your email here...', class: 'form-control', required: true %>
    <div class="line">
      <%= u.submit 'Notify me', class: 'btn btn-danger btn-fill' %>
    <% end %>

Currently I just save the name variable, which will include both the users first and last name, to the model:


  def create
    @user = User.create(params[:user].permit(:name, :email))

    if @user.save
      redirect_to user_path(@user), :notice => 'You have been registered'
      render '/users/new'

But i'd now like to save not the entire user.name field to the model, but to split it and send user.first_name and user.last_name to the model. I understand how to write the .split methods:


  def first_name(name)
    name.split(' ')[0].capitalize

  def last_name(name)
    name.split(' ')[1].capitalize

And i have done my bin/rails g migrate add_first_name_to... and migrated to create the model attributes, but i'm unsure how to integrate #first_name and #last_name methods into the controller to then send each off to the model. A) Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to do this and B) Is this best practice? (reason I'm only offering name field, as opposed to first_name and last_name fields in the view is as i thought it just represent's a nicer experience for a user to put it in one field, ie no tabbing or cursor click into last_name input). Thanks

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    This is a risky manoeuvre - what will you do with 'Sarah Jessica Parker' or'Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy? – BroiSatse Jul 4 '15 at 22:26
  • I guess I'll write methods to capture those cases and the anything after the first ' ' will be stored in last_name. Any suggestions as to a better way to do things then? – jbk Jul 4 '15 at 22:30
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    Why you don't take the simplest way and put two input fields? Why you make this tight limit? I do not think that you can find a way to guess the first and last names from a name, there is no standard for this. – Nafaa Boutefer Jul 4 '15 at 22:55
  • Because i felt that having one field for name gives a nicer ux than having two fields that's all. I feel like a fair few contemporary apps do this same thing no? – jbk Jul 4 '15 at 23:23
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    @jbk Form follows function. A nicer UX does not trump a useful application in the same way that a pretty and colorful decal applied over my entire windshield does not trump my need to see the road and traffic. TL;DR: Do what works first, then make it pretty. – MarsAtomic Jul 5 '15 at 3:39

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