I can TAB-complete current open file variables, paths & globals, but my python subclasses are not detected on TAB completion. For instance,

import os          # os is built-in library.
os.                # ycm does not complete members of this class.

It has been 48h that I'm searching the solution. My /usr/bin/python -> /usr/bin/python2.7, all the tests pass 100% and the build was successful.

> uname -r

I tried installing packages specific to Arch Linux from repositories and they don't seem to work.

At this point, I think my best chance would be to find the place where the python path or a variable with this purpose is set in the original package for Vundle, YouCompleteMe. Then, I should be able to verify that it is correct. I am open to all possible solutions or insights on this issue.



Thank you for your time!

  • Did you try to install jedi to determin whether it's jedi or YouCompleteMe issue? YCM was written with C/C++ in mind, its python completion might not be well supported. I remember having the same issue over 2 years ago so if it was important to the developer or the community around YCM, it would have been fixed by now. – cprn Jul 5 '15 at 14:31
  • 1
    @CyprianGuerra stackoverflow.com/questions/31233669/… – binarytrails Jul 5 '15 at 18:34

YouCompleteMe relies on Jedi-Vim for python completion.

I just found that it was due to an incomprehension error that I described for Jedi Vim here. However, with YouCompleteMe plug-in only few methods shows up on:

from os import getc

Then I pressed ctrl + space and a complete list of available modules was displayed.

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