In Python while using multiprocessing module there are 2 kinds of queues:

  • Queue
  • JoinableQueue.

What is the difference between them?


from multiprocessing import Queue
q = Queue()
q.put(item) # Put an item on the queue
item = q.get() # Get an item from the queue


from multiprocessing import JoinableQueue
q = JoinableQueue()
q.task_done() # Signal task completion
q.join() # Wait for completion

JoinableQueue has methods join() and task_done(), which Queue hasn't.

class multiprocessing.Queue( [maxsize] )

Returns a process shared queue implemented using a pipe and a few locks/semaphores. When a process first puts an item on the queue a feeder thread is started which transfers objects from a buffer into the pipe.

The usual Queue.Empty and Queue.Full exceptions from the standard library’s Queue module are raised to signal timeouts.

Queue implements all the methods of Queue.Queue except for task_done() and join().

class multiprocessing.JoinableQueue( [maxsize] )

JoinableQueue, a Queue subclass, is a queue which additionally has task_done() and join() methods.


Indicate that a formerly enqueued task is complete. Used by queue consumer threads. For each get() used to fetch a task, a subsequent call to task_done() tells the queue that the processing on the task is complete.

If a join() is currently blocking, it will resume when all items have been processed (meaning that a task_done() call was received for every item that had been put() into the queue).

Raises a ValueError if called more times than there were items placed in the queue.


Block until all items in the queue have been gotten and processed.

The count of unfinished tasks goes up whenever an item is added to the queue. The count goes down whenever a consumer thread calls task_done() to indicate that the item was retrieved and all work on it is complete. When the count of unfinished tasks drops to zero, join() unblocks.

If you use JoinableQueue then you must call JoinableQueue.task_done() for each task removed from the queue or else the semaphore used to count the number of unfinished tasks may eventually overflow, raising an exception.

  • Do you know what the overflow value is, or how to find it? The documentation doesn't say. – Arthur Dent Apr 19 '18 at 20:37
  • Besides quoting the documentation - what does this answer bring ? An example and some interpretation would be nice – Xavier Bourret Sicotte Jan 2 at 1:08

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