By default, the first page that doxygen generates, in Rich Text Format (RTF) with below states:



I want to customize this. I've tried the following, but it customizes the section after the index, rather than the very first page of the document:

 * @mainpage My Project
 * @version 0.91
 * @author Jack Vance, 2010.
 * CreateDate 2010-06-26

From the documentation:

For RTF output, you can generate the default style sheet file (see RTF_STYLESHEET_FILE) using:

doxygen -w rtf rtfstyle.cfg

You should then be able to edit the stylesheet to change the output the way you want.

  • Thats good enough for me: apparently its impossible to alter the front page of the Rich Text Format (RTF) output, without altering the style sheet. – Contango Jun 28 '10 at 17:47

No need to modify the template. After generating the rtf, in MS Word, select all->right click->Update Fields


in Doxygen 1.18.11, creating the style sheet didn't allow me to specify the author. For that, I had to create and modify the "extensions file" via:

doxygen -e rtf extensionsFile

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