I have used in my java DAO class which contains Space in between LANG PREF

 @Column(name = "LANG PREF")
  private String langprefid;

Once my java class runs, I am getting

org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'as'.

Can anyone help me regarding this problem?

  • You should rather change the name of the column itself. It's just bad practice to have spaces in column names.
    – saran3h
    Apr 13, 2020 at 11:30

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Manually escaping the reserved keywords

If you're using Hibernate native API, then you can escape them using backticks:

@Column(name = "`LANG PREF`")

If you are using JPA, you can escape with double quotes:

@Column(name = "\"LANG PREF\"")

Automatically escaping reserved keywords

If you want to automatically scape reserved keywords, you can set to true the Hibernate-specific hibernate.globally_quoted_identifiers configuration property:


Change your Column name to LANG_PREF then use

@Column(name = "LANG_PREF")
  private String langprefid;

You can change your code to

import javax.persistence.Column;
@Column(name = "LANG_PREF")
private String langprefid;

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