Main listing page has edit button. Which opens details of the edited row.
Way-1: Now, if I set "ctrl.parent.q_details.client_location" it is bind with parent listing controller and it works as 2-way binding and automatically changes the values as in the edit box changes, Which is not requirement here.
Here just I want to display and allow edit values in inputbox. Not want to get changed in parent controller.

► Following is the code in parent controller to call mdDialog

                locals:{parent: $scope},                
                clickOutsideToClose: true,                
                controllerAs: 'ctrl',                
                templateUrl: 'quotation/edit/',//+edit_id,
                controller: function () { this.parent = $scope; },

► Following is code of the popup mdDialog.

<md-dialog aria-label="">
    <div ng-app="inputBasicDemo" ng-controller="deliverController" layout="column">
        <form name="" class="internal_note_cont">           
            <md-content class="md-padding">             
                <md-input-container class="md-input-has-value" flex>
                    <label>Client Name</label>
                    <input ng-model="qe.client_name" required >
                <md-input-container flex>
                    <label>Client Location</label>
                    <input required ng-model="ctrl.parent.q_details.client_location">
    <input type="" required ng-model="ctrl.parent.q_details.recid">  

Way2: second way is sending the value directly from DB without binding to ng-model of Dialog controller(deliverController).

]).controller("deliverController", ["$scope", "$filter","$http","$route","$window","$mdDialog",
    function ($scope, $filter,$http,$route,$window,$mdDialog) {
        $scope.qe.client_name = '12345'; // just to test.        

This is giving error of undefine $scope.qe .

So ultimately, I am not able to send data to mdDialogue and display them and allow edit them as normal way. Please anyone experienced angular guy help me. I am new to angular. I am trying different ways since 2 days.

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    You can use ng-bind to set up a one time binding. You could also a service to pass data between the parent and child. – BobDoleForPresident Jul 6 '15 at 10:00
  • Have you tried with preserveScope: true ? – Ellone Aug 17 '15 at 10:08

This guy always has the right answer: https://github.com/angular/material/issues/455#issuecomment-59889129

In short:

            locals:{dataToPass: $scope.parentScopeData},                
            clickOutsideToClose: true,                
            controllerAs: 'ctrl',                
            templateUrl: 'quotation/edit/',//+edit_id,
            controller: mdDialogCtrl,

var mdDialogCtrl = function ($scope, dataToPass) { 
    $scope.mdDialogData = dataToPass  

Pass the variable using the locals attribute in the passing object. These values will be injected into the controller not the $scope. Also passing the entire $scope of the parent might not be such a good idea as it defeats the isolated scope paradigm.

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    If mdDialogData is changed in mdDialogCtrl, will the change be reflected in $scope.parentScopeData? I have a use case which needs to pass in an object of current scope to mdDialogCtrl and the changes to that object in mdDialogCtrl should be catched in outside scope. Thanks! – horatio.mars Apr 1 '16 at 22:41
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    Yes it does reflect, if you are passing a object reference via the locals, it does reflect, though i would expect it to isolate and not modify the parent's scoped data directly, strange..! – Basav May 20 '16 at 2:32
  • Any idea how to do this without using $scope? – Bo Li Nov 2 '16 at 14:39
  • Should there be a comma at the end of the object literal passed in .show? Specifically the line that says "mdDialogCtrl," - Seems like this shouldn't be there. – OmNiOwNeR Aug 31 '18 at 17:24


<md-button ng-click='vmInter.showDialog($event,_dataToPass)'>
<i class="fa fa-custom-edit" aria-hidden="true"></i>


    function _showSiebelDialog(event,_dataToPass) {

                locals:{dataToPass: _dataToPass}, //here where we pass our data
                controller: _DialogController,
                controllerAs: 'vd',
                templateUrl: 'contentComponents/prepare/views/Dialog.tmpl.html',
                parent: angular.element(document.body),
                targetEvent: event,
                clickOutsideToClose: true

                function(answer) {},
                function() {


function _DialogController($scope, $mdDialog,dataToPass) {
console.log('>>>>>>> '+dataToPass);
  • how can I pass value to calling function again in 'answer' parameter – Pawan Kotak Sep 12 '18 at 11:30
$scope.showPrompt = function(yourObject) {
    templateUrl: 'app/views/your-dialog.tpl.html',
    locals: {
        callback: $scope.yourFunction // create the function  $scope.yourFunction = function (yourVariable) {
    controller:  function ($scope, $mdDialog, callback) {
        $scope.dialog.title = 'Your title';
        $scope.dialog.abort = function () {
        $scope.dialog.hide = function () {

            if ($scope.Dialog.$valid){
                callback($scope.yourReturnValue, likes the return of input field);
    controllerAs: 'dialog',
    bindToController: true,
    clickOutsideToClose: true,
    escapeToClose: true



The ES6 TL;DR way

Create a controller with scope variables on the fly

let showDialog = (spaceApe) => {
        templateUrl: 'dialog.template.html',
        controller: $scope => $scope.spaceApe = spaceApe


Voilà, spaceApe can now be used in the dialog template

        <span> {{spaceApe | json}} </span>

This worked for me:

        confirmNewData = function() {
        let self = this;
            templateUrl: '/dist/views/app/dialogConfirmAFEData.html',
            controllerAs: "ctrl",                                
            controller: $scope => $scope = { $mdDialog: self.$mdDialog, 
                                             data: self.FMEData, 
                                             cancel: function() { this.$mdDialog.cancel(); }, 
                                             confirm: function() { this.$mdDialog.hide(); }  
            clickOutsideToClose: false
        }).then(function() {
            // User Accepted!!
            console.log('You accepted!!!');
        }, function() {
            // User cancelled, don't do anything.
            console.log('You cancelled!!!');

And in the view...

<md-dialog aria-label="Start New AFE" style="min-width: 50%;">
      <div class="md-toolbar-tools">
        <h2>GIS Data...</h2>          
        <div layout="column" layout-padding>
            <li/>Lease: {{ ctrl.data.LEASE }}    
            <li/>Reservoir: {{ ctrl.data.RESERVOIR }}    

    <md-dialog-actions layout="row">
      <md-button class="md-button" ng-click="ctrl.cancel()">Cancel</md-button>
      <md-button class="md-button" ng-click="ctrl.confirm()">Yes</md-button>                

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